This Is Why Boruto More In Tune With Sumire

This Is Why Boruto More In Tune With Sumire
  1. Sumire is more honest with her feelings

In chapter 19 of the Boruto manga, it turns out that Sumire has expressed her feelings that she is interested and cares about Boruto. Unlike Sarada, who doesn’t seem to want to admit her feelings for Boruto. So, that’s why it’s better for Loopers to be more honest with each other’s feelings, don’t say you don’t like it even though you like it, hehe.

  1. Sarada is vulnerable to the Uchiha clan curse

According to the first Hokage, the Uchiha clan truly valued love and friendship. Moreover, Sarada is a Wile Of Fire. According to predictions, he said that later Naruto and Sasuke would die from being killed by Kawaki. Loopers can imagine Sarada’s revenge against Kawaki. Well, it’s really dangerous if Sarada is with Boruto.

  1. Hating to be love is just a fantasy of fans in Naruto

Since the days of Naruto, there has never been such a thing as hate being love. Sakura, who hated Naruto so much, never turned into love. It is different with Sasuke, who is just ignorant of Sakura but never hates him. It is possible that in Boruto this will happen again. Seeing Sarada’s behavior, who often argues with Boruto, they are not matched.

  1. Sumire is maternal

If you look at it, Sumire is actually similar to Hinata. Sumire is quiet and more motherly than Sarada, who is really tomboyish. Sumire also really cares about her friends, that’s why she was immediately appointed as class leader. Like Loop, who always cares about Loopers by providing this package for the internet. That’s why it looks like Sumire really suits Boruto.

  1. Has a purple base color like Hinata

Just as explained above, Sumire is very similar to Hinata. Loopers realize that Sumire and Hinata both have a purple base color? Starting from their hair, eyes, to their clothes are purple. This could be a clue that Sumire will be Boruto’s partner.

  1. Applying for Sumire is easier than Sarada

If you look around, it’s actually easier to apply for Sumire than Sarada. Why? Because Sumire is an orphan while Sarada has Sasuke the Rinnegan user and Sakura who has the strongest physical abilities.

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